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The One World Summer Camp is organised by a non-profit organisation supported by a large number of volunteers from all over the world directed by João Borges and Maria Gillot. If you wish to be part of our team, please contact us.

One World began when I met Joao. I was part of a small group of macrobiotic students, who decided to get out of London and Camp, cooking for each other and walking in the English countryside.When our studies finished we kept in touch by meeting once a year and would camp out together, walking, and cooking talking, etc 
As we began to have children, we needed places with more facilities so we began to meet in youth hostels. Each year every aspect became more organised. Me and Joao went together to a camp in 1995, at end of the 4days someone said ‘who would like to organise the next gathering next year’ so myself and Joao put our self forward, the rest is history! Thinking we would have everyone helping us, this was not the case, it was up to us, totally.Joao did this for a few years and they grew bigger and bigger so we looked for a bigger venue. Joao found a school in Sibford, Oxfordshire and we went from One hundred people to 350. Since this time we have been mostly at schools because of their wonderful facilities and delightful grounds.
- Maria Gillot (Founder of One World Summer Camp)

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