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Teaching at One World
As a non-profit festival we cannot offer any monetary payment to our teachers but the rewards you will receive are far greater. You will have a platform to share your art with the hundreds of people that enter through the One World gates & make friends and clients that will last forever. This is why teachers come back year after year. As a teacher you are granted various discounts from festival entry. Any other discounts like loyalty or concession do not apply to teachers, although they do still apply to teachers families.

Festival Fees: For each 90 min workshop you hold as a teacher you will be discounted £30.00 from your festival fees. So if you hold 6 workshops you will not pay any festival fees (for yourself) thus gaining free entry to the festival. Any family members are entitled to standard festival fee discounts for loyalty, concession, early bird etc up to a maximum of 20%).
Food: You will also get a 20% discount off food, for you and your family.
Accommodation: Camping or indoor accommodation is charged at standard rates and there is no discount available.
Referral programme: As a teacher you can take part in our referral programme, which means any NEW to One World person who books using your name will get an additional 5% discount off their Festival Fees, whilst you will get a 20% commission of any festival fees paid. There is no limit to the amount of people you can bring, so this is a nice way to expand the joy of One World whilst getting rewarded for your efforts.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions if you have any questions!
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