Becky Ford


Becky has always had a strange sensory excitement from playing with words and language. As a child she wrote stories, poems, plays and ridiculous rhymes and songs, enjoying the sound and texture of different words strung together. Today she runs Inkventions, which encourages children of all ages to fall in love with words. Not to pass their SATS, or an 11+ (although it certainly helps!) but for the pure unadulterated pleasure of it. So children come to love words and language and can play with it creatively, joyously and become Inkventors themselves. (So if you’ve come here looking for advice on subordinated conjunctives, its best you get your coat now!).


Ridiculous Rhymes

Join me every afternoon on an interactive, ridiculous rhyming journey, meeting a different self-penned, humorous character each time. From Celia Catchpole's mother, the raucous badly behaved mum, to the Hairy Aeroplane, the only mode of transport with follicles, a daring 6 year old Pirate Princess, Wally the rather rubbish Wizard and other zany creations, youre sure to have a rip roaring interactive time

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