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Cooking is more fun than eating, for Yuka Noguchi. Having more than ten years experience at Lima Cooking School, Yuka is also interested in creating her own original Macrobiotic recipes. She majored in English literature in university: that was the start of her use of English to communicate with people around the world. Yuka endeavours to find more universal ways to share the Macrobiotic spirit, to contribute to “One World” peace! Ms. Noguchi is also interested in natural and holistic healings, and is a Reiki master teacher.

  • Macrobiotic Cooking

    Macrobiotic cooking has recently caught on, around the world. “Macrobiotic” implies a “macrocosmic” view of life. George Ohsawa was the founder of the Macrobiotic movement; and his wife, Lima, established her own cooking school in Tokyo, Japan, almost 40 years ago. She started the school to introduce Macrobiotic cooking to as many people as possible, for their health, peace, and happiness. In this workshop, some easy and tasty Macrobiotic dishes with useful cooking tips will be introduced. You will learn how to make your daily dishes more delicious and effective, and also how to find a lot of fun in Macrobiotic cooking!

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