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After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon jungle of Brazil, Peru, USA and India, has been touched by different teachers, masters and facilitators whom so much taught and facilitated his process of self-knowledge and transformation. His intention is to share what has been experienced all over these years and to contribute for the self-realization of the human being.
Founder of Projeto SimplesMente in 2006, a project focused on the realization of activities related to personal and transpersonal development.
He is living in Portugal, Tomar at Quinta de São José dos Montes since 2012 developing different areas such as Agro-Tourism, Glamping, Organic Farm, Natural Horse Riding and Holistic Center.
· Degree in Social Psychology and Work;
. Master in Psychology of Health and Community Intervention;
· Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Grof Transpersonal Training in New Mexico - USA
· Biodynamic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release in Pune - India
· Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator certified by the International Trance Dance in Orval - Belgium
. Leader of A.U.M. (Awerness Understanding Meditation) certified by Osho Humaniversity School for Masters in the Netherlands
. Osho Active Meditations leader certified by Osho Meditation Facilitator Training in Pune - India
. Leader of Meditation in Silence
. Firewalking Instructor certified by Firewalk Instructor Training - Soul of Firewalk in Tomar Potugal
. Sweatlodge Keeper in Portugal
. Published Book: Respiração Holotrópica
. Writer of Zen Magazine Portugal
. Writer of Jornal Público Portugal
. Published Book 2018: Respiração Holotrópica: Uma Abordagem Transpessoal. Edições Mahatma.
. Published Book 2018 (Poetry): Errante Intempestivo. Publicações Seda.


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