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Oliver Cowmeadow is the principal of the International Macrobiotic School based in Devon, running a three and a half year professional training in Macrobiotic Cooking, Food Coaching, and Macrobiotic Health Counselling. He has been studying and practicing macrobiotics for 34 years, and has helped thousands of clients and students find a healthier way of life, and their true nature and life purpose. He also runs a variety of one to five day courses helping people get started with bringing macrobiotics into their lives.

  • Five Dimensional Healing

    Our physical health, emotions, food, connection to spirit and purpose in life, and our daily lifestyle are all intimately connected with each other. Healing any one of these can be helpful, but seeing how they are all connected and exploring healing on a number of levels is deeply transformative. Oliver has developed a powerful system of Five Dimensional Healing to create a holistic picture of all these aspects and their connections, to truly understand ourselves, and to deeply heal and grow.

  • Healing Our Emotions

    Our emotions are a big part of us - whether we give them a lot of time and expression, or whether we ignore or dismiss them, they have a big affect on our lives and relationships. Oliver will explain how we can heal emotions held in our body and being from the past, learn how to feel and express present time emotions so they have positive effects, so we can move forward to greater intimacy, love and joy.

  • Oriental Health Reading – Key to Taking Charge of Your Health

    With so many different approaches to improving health and healing it can be difficult to know which is going to work. Traditional methods of Oriental diagnosis are an amazing tool for understanding what is really happening with our internal health, and the positive dietary and lifestyle changes we can make to strengthen our health and heal specific health problems. Learn how you can become your own best health carer! Will include healing of specific health problems.

  • Past and Future Worlds

    We live within a 26,000 year Earthly cycle, which creates cyclical changes in human consciousness and evolution, and are currently at the turning point from a more material age to a time of greater emotional and spiritual awareness, peace and health. Find out how you can become a worker for the new coming changes, so you can be a part of creating the new wave of consciousness and global connection.

  • The World of Energy and Spirit

    We live within a much larger world of energy and spirit. To fully understand the purpose of this life, what we are here to do, it is of enormous help to become more aware of our previous lives, the nature of karma, and what we get up to between lives. Will include exercises to strengthen your intuition and inner vision, so you can get more in touch with who you are and how to use this lifetime well.


    The Spiritual Context of Our Lives

     We are in but one life of many, continuing our very long journey of learning and growing. Understanding more about our past lives, and our life between one earthly incarnation and the next, gives a much larger context and wider meaning to this life. Oliver will be speaking from his personal experiences of his own and others past lives, and of the steps we take from the moment of passing out of one earthly body and into the next. As well as widening your own perception, this can also be very useful in helping those who are approaching life’s end, and passing to the next. 

    What to eat, What Not to Eat, and How to Find Your Ideal Diet

     There is so much confusion around now as to what is the best way to eat, caused by an overwhelming amount of information and different opinions. Macrobiotics holds a unique place as a tried and tested way to establish and maintain strong health, as a basis for a life of adventure and learning. With the understanding of macrobiotics and Oriental medicine we can see the basic principles of what we should eat, of creating balance in the body, of how to nourish particular organs, bring troubled organs back to health, and of how to maintain our and our children’s health over decades and lifetimes.

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