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Ana Sanz devotes her life to BODY SOUL CONNECTION through DANCE and TANTRA. She folows the path of "Living in the body" as a thread to develop her therapies. Empowerment of the human beings through Concious Movement and relating. Creating supportive containers for communities to be fully where we may express freely and with authenticity. 


In her sessions Ana pursues to awaken the total connection to the body through dance and inner trance dance, allowing all different states of being that makes us express fully our creative energy. Thanks to a set of carefully guided practices and meditations, the participants will be able to connect fully to their spirit and only from that point, they will present and interact with the others. Combining a set of DANCE therapy practices like DANCEmandala, biodanza, Contact Improv and her own, Ana merges with White Tantra meditations where humans may express from vulnerabilities and work through and from their inner sacred intimate spaces. Holding a being held, creating loving connected communities.


Connecting to the yin spirit and our inner waters. Her water sessions aim at exploring deep into our inner child, relationship with the femenine and the mother. Offering one to one deep journeys or goupd dance sessions, her work aims at gaining interconnectivity within the body, to let go and make us more fluid from inside out. It usually brings memories back from early childhood and it is so powerful to release trauma. I. e. Past emotional experiences or more physical conditions like bone recovery. A great container to support and deepening in trust while the giver is just holding space with full presence. It also makes us connect with our waters, bringing out heaps of vulnerabilities to be witnessed. Aguahara is a great pinneal glad activator


Deep detox body work to cleans deep from the centre, combining reflexology, abdominal massage and yoga deep stretch in a deep tissue practice and acuppressure that anchors you deep within to your body and grounding to the earth. 

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