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Richard is founder of Creative Wellness and Creative Yoga London. He specialises in 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga and Wellness Coaching. He has also worked internationally, helping facilitate juice detox programmes at Moinhos Velhos which are rated top 10 in the World by the Times. 

5 Elements Acupuncture is a potent form of Acupuncture that is equally as effective across body, mind and spirit. Alongside treating the more common physical conditions, his specialist area is relating thoughts and feelings to various organs within the body and to impressions made on our nervous system from experiences we’ve been involved in. His treatments are very effective at balancing these deeper aspects of us that are essential to our wellbeing

His Creative Yoga London project offered some of London’s most unique events - often with a connection ethos – such as social, singles and couples yoga. At the core, his Dru yoga teaching is known for it’s exquisite heart opening and deeply relaxing quality. 

His bespoke wellness coaching courses feature a fusion of treatments, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and tuition on wellness principles taken from Chinese medicine and the yogic tradition and are available both online and in person.

While he is an expert on the body-mind connection his work is truly holistic and empowering as it also considers how your environment, life choices, occupations and relationships also affect your wellbeing.

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Richard Brook | Acupuncture, Yoga, Holistic Wellness Coaching

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Rated In 'The 5 Best Wellbeing Studios in London' by Go Sweat

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