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Aquatic Body Worker, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner, Thai Shiatsu therapist, and group practice Facilitator.
Marco Started his journey into healing practices in 2013 studying art and art therapy, with keen interest into movement and body awareness. This interest brought him to dive deeply into Contemporary Dance, Somatic, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Shiatsu, and different kind of body work.
He is an Aquatic Body worker formed in Auroville, and he studied TCM at Lotus Centre Cambodia, and in Europe with Tai Chi Dublin. Since 2017 Marco has been a facilitator of Qi Gong morning practices in India, Israel, and around Europe.
He has also facilitated groups sessions focused on physical and emotional awareness, using somatic, Thai Yoga, and Tantsu.
Marco believe in the connection with others, through non verbal communication, through breath, through gravity, through touch, and through water, that gently supports this encounter between people.

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