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At just 20 years old and still a student, she opened her first restaurant with some young friends. It was during this time that she discovered, developed and cultivated her passion for food as a great way to health, as well as a feast for the eyes and palate. During this period, Angela was introduced to macrobiotics, which resulted in her travelling to the USA, California, where she trained as a macrobiotic chef, specialising in healing cuisine, with her great Japanese teachers Herman and Cornelia Aihara, among others. After 2 years of experience and learning, she returned to Europe where she shares and enriches her knowledge and talent in macrobiotic vegetarian restaurants, at the macrobiotic centre in Berlin, as a macrobiotic chef and culinary trainer at the "SHA Wellness Clinic" in Spain and as a private chef for international celebrities. She has trained many young chefs, who are inspired by her creativity and technique. Her cookbook, "Cooking with Angela - delicious macrobiotic and vegan recipes to cook every day", is available in English and Russian.

Daily meals


Angela will be cooking for us all and leading the fantastic and enthusiastic team of cooks and assistants.

Each meal is also a class about the foods that do us good, nourishing our bodies, our senses and our souls!

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