Bear Love

We are love... The journey home is within...Oneness is an experience

Sound Journeys
Come and join us for a deeply relaxing sound journey of healing harmonic gongs, a chorus of angelic crystal singing bowls, deep grounding didgeridoos, beautiful bells, sonic waterphone whale sounds, dreamy chimes and potent old Tibetan shaman instruments. Please bring a blanket, or cushions to lay upon :)

Help With A Course In Miracles
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. In these workshops, Bear will share his experiences with working with A Course In Miracles and will help explain in simple terms, what a Course In Miracles is about. The Course leads us to our inner Teacher, the Voice for Love, we see beyond the body's eyes, looking beyond form, from the transient to the eternal, from pain to peace through our Father's gift of vision.

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