Bridget Withycombe-Wharton

Initially using 'movement' to aid learning for those with alternative learning styles within primary schools, this very quickly developed into working within mainstream education along with performing arts, dance fitness and the community. Presently I teach dance fitness for adults, attend schools as part of their enrichment and freelance within dance, choreography and costume. My passions are enthused by the traditions and styles of Samba and African dance, as well as the art of ‘story telling’ through movement. These have been my main inspirations for movement and music activities with adults, children, babies and toddlers alike. During the past seventeen years I've been in numerous performances and community groups whilst seeking inspiration for my own personal journey.....

AfroBrazilian Fusion

A fusion of Brazilian and African dance moves using a combination of traditional moves, fun choreographies and physical exercise that will definitely energise you. Let the rhythms move you! All levels welcome!

Release your creativity

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul" Dieter Uchdorf This workshop explores your relationship with your creativity through the use of artistic media such as clay or paint. It is not about the end result, it is about the process - how to come into the present moment, let go of blocks, begin to play, open up to wonder, inspiration, and your own creative genius.

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