Ruth Hawe

Singer, sacred sound healer, author and activist Ruth Hawe is happiest whilst at camps and festivals, living tribally, or when exploring new places on her bicycle. She trained and practiced as a reflexologist and podiatrist for 30 years, and her novel "Holy Cow" tells the story of the university life and childhood of heroine Daisy who transforms her wounds into passionate activism. A lifelong pacifist, Ruth has been vegan for more than 40 years, and is a voluntary speaker for The Vegan Society. She spends much of her time campaigning for environmental, social justice and animal rights issues. She is currently writing a sequel to "Holy Cow" which takes Daisy into the next stage of her life where she falls in love, has a child and intensifies her activism.

Put your wishes/blessing into a clay angel, bird, star or other simple shape you like. You can then press wildflower seeds into them, and some coloured or natural twine to hang them in your garden, where the rain and wind will eventually disperse and germinate them. Or hang them in your kitchen window, on the Christmas tree, or give as a gift.

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