Cecilia Armelin

Born in Washington DC, in 1965 qualified with a BSc Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Dayton, Ohio. Cecilia worked in various hospitals and clinics as a therapeutic dietician, in Dayton and thenDublin, Ireland, from 1969, at children and infant hospitals. In May 1986 she began her private counselling practice and giving dietary advice in health food shops. Also as a Tennis or table tennis player, coach and umpire, she teaches the Yin and Yang of these sports at local health clubs, and at the One World Camp.

  • Yin-Yang of Tennis and Table Tennis

    Learn to play with balance and control, of racquet and body movement. Playing any sport correctly can be a therapy for both body and mind. Learn to play with a global focus of yin and yang, right and left brain, intuitive and analytical thinking. This will exercise and help balance your meridians of energy. Classes will cover controlled attack and focus defence in your forehand, backhand, approach and volley, drop shot, smash and serve. Participants can practice the ‘Thai Chi of Tennis’ on cabaret night.

  • Macrobiotic Food - Science, Emotions & 9 star Ki

    This workshop will help participants with a personal self-assessment through body and facial diagnosis. It will give an understanding of how old habits have affected present health and fitness. A macrobiotic eating plan, using produce grown locally or in similar climates, will be emphasised. Various articles Cecelia has written will be available for discussion. The body’s meridians of energy and their healing foods will be discussed. 

  • Food for Menopause

    The menstrual cycle is nature’s method for females to eliminate acid waste once a month. At menopause, this natural ‘waste management’ stops. The talk and open discussion aims to help people adjust to the menopause time of life with diet and lifestyle changes. Out of blood (sweat and tears) come the toxins – waste and acid residues left behind after foods are digested and utilised by the body.

  • DHA Fat for Brain and Eyes

    Learn about Long Chain Omega 3 Fat, DHA {22:6n-3}, it's functions in the brain and retina of the eye. Food scoures in Macrobiotic, vegatarian and vegan diets discuss. Also food, mood, emotions and 9 Star Ki.

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