My name is Tomoko Ogawa, a japanese woman living in Stockholm for 29 years and a mother of 4 children, 30, 27, 22 year-old boys and 20 year-old girl. I have been practicing Macrobiotics for 30 years and no sick leave at all from my work for 30 years. I appreciate Macrobiotics. I have been a Macrobiotic cooking teacher In Stockholm for 10 years and at One World Summer Festival for 4 years. I work as a highschool teacher in Japanese during week days and have cooking classes on Sundays at home. I learned macrobiotics first in Japan at Hideo and kazue Omori´s school who were students of George Ohsawa. Then I have studied macrobiotics in USA and Europe. I feel I am storonger and stronger as time goes.I would like to spread this precious macrobiotic diet and way of life for health & happiness.

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