Tiago Bastos

About me: Someone with an enormous capacity to fly and to believe, who learns every day to root, to focus and to balance. Someone who believes that it is possible to bring Heaven into Earth through what the Creator has given me: my path, my emotions and the result of these two together. Someone who has discovered through the rhythm of the Drum, the lightness, Truth and simplicity that is Living in alignment with the Whole. I bring those who seek me a very practical and pragmatic view of what spirituality is and its application in our lives. At this festival I will be facilitating shamanic consultations, energetic cleansing through the Shaman Drum and readings of oracles in addition to the sale of natural incense and crafts.

Shamanic Meditation

This experience aims at a deep connection to our Being where the proposal is to feel the connection with the elements that form us: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Through the Drum Sound, through conscious breathing and through our intention, we will delve deep within ourselves to find tools of self-knowledge that applied to our human experience will result in great liberation and transformation. The Drum is representative of the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of the Creative Source, the Universe and our own Heart. All the tribes used it to be able to dive into the Great Mystery and from there to extract answers to numerous situations related to self-knowledge, hunting plans or communication with the Ancestors ... Come, come and feel what the Drum has to say through the language of feeling. Come and taste the Sound of courage that always shows us that there are no limits in this human experience. Come to feel, to know more about yourself, about a sound experience and activate what makes you One with everything that surrounds you! Ahow!

About shamanic energy cleansing: Come relax and purify body, mind and spirit to the sound of the native Drum and smudging with sacred herbs. This energetic cleansing will activate your grounding and your freedom of spirit - engine of creating a conscious life :) Duration: +/- 45 minutes Exchange: € 25 About the "talk with the oracles": Bring a theme and we will navigate the various oracles so that through your messages you can have a broader view of any problem or situation. We'll talk about solutions :) Duration: +/- 60 minutes Exchange: € 30

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