Sol Mendes

Sol Mendes has a degree in Advertising and Propaganda aswell as being a Graduate in Communication and natural agriculture. She began an inner journey in search of personal, emotional and professional balance and in this quest had a great transformation in life; she fell in love with meditation and Feng Shui.

Such passion has led Sol Mendes to be considered a digital influencer in the area of ??personal development. She currently works with Feng Shui and as a facilitator of healing meditation with Deeksha.

Deeksha & Meditation
Deeksha Energy:

What are the benefits?

- Awakens creative potential, skills and intelligence
- Increases the ability to learn
- Resolves inner conflict leading to peace and inner harmony

- Brings Love to Relationships
- Heals emotional wounds and reduces the loads of thoughts
- Evokes affection, friendship and a sense of connection with the other

- Awakens compassion
- Infuse vitality
- Heals the body through the healing of the mind
- Relaxes the body and relieves stress

- Help build love and appreciation for the body
- Invokes auspicious energies
- Remove blockages that prevent success

- Enables a mental structure for abundance
- Start a journey to experience unconditional love and joy
- Start a journey for Awakening and Realization 

- Awaken the Kundalini  

I will work aligning the Chakras
Release of energy load
Active Meditation
Meditation for internal connection
Awakening of the Kundalini

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