Rafah Sabbagh

Rafah is a change agent, a multi-dimensional & transformational coach, working with individuals and groups resulting in change, transformation and a core-referenced life.

"Living an inspired life and vibrantly has always made sense to me, never following conventional norms or what society or my family had expected of me. In doing so, following a path with a heart has had to live on the edge, learning to trust my inner compass and amassing a stream of modalities in the zone of nourishment, healing, body-mind, and spirit, and all to do with living a liberated life!

I share my life's calling and expression as a Speaker, Card Reader, Vlogger, Writer, Transformational Life Coach & Educator, using Integrated Bodywork and movement as well as offering you toolkits as your Spiritual Guide - Facilitator of Everyday Alchemist™ & LifeScript Energy Series™. I provide Transformative getaways at retreats in Portugal, UK  and in person in London or on Skype for clients further afield."

Founder of Butterfly Women, A Women's group and e-zine, 2010, which morphed into 'Sacred Butterfly' as the readership developed for both women and men. This went underground at the end of 2016 and is due to re-emerge as Sacred Woman's Way as Rafah has often felt a closer need to guide and hold space for women on their journey.

Everyday Alchemist™
Everyday Alchemist ™ is a system which incorporates the spiritual technology of the chakras, and together with the use of sounds, movement, yoga, visualisations and conscious colour focus corresponding to the chakra system these series will give you tools to getting centred and making self-honouring choices.

We live in a world where there are much disruption and distractions, and these series intended to help you get back into balance. They can be attended as a whole series of 7 which is recommended although they can also be visited intuitively as needed. Each session is approximately 90 minutes.

Balancing your physical and emotional energies will profoundly affect your energy field and in your daily association and interactions.
You will leave feeling recalibrated, vital and heart centred and grounded.

It is recommended that you wear loose clothing and we will be bare feet throughout the sessions. If you have yoga bands, bring them along. You may wish to have a journal for any reflections during the process while at the festival. 
A handout will be provided for continued tuning and balance beyond the festival and as and when needed. All materials will be supplied. 
Everyday Alchemist is an excellent introduction to more in-depth inner child work but is highly effective and stands on its own.

The first session will be on the evening of arrival starting with the root chakra and will benefit getting grounded for the rest of the festival. 
I hope to see you there!

Rua Viriato 25, 5th floor, 1050-234 Lisboa   T: (+351) 915 660 889   E: info@oneworldcamp.com
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