Jonny Whiting

Jonny of the now deceased School Of Now studied drama (method) in London with the late David Bennett of The Actors Studio NYC. He also immersed himself in  improvisation for five years with the late George Pensotti also in London, all the while acting in Shakespeares TIE accross london all well as many other fringe plays and small TV appearances. Jonny has also trained with Landmark Education, T Harv Eker, and Ashley Banfield in the field of self development, and now has a new series of classes designed to ease the lid of the theatre/television/reality show paradym. Bring yourself, and open mind, and a good sense of humour and allow the universal message to glide through you as you channel any number who knows what out into the stratosphere. 

Rua Viriato 25, 5th floor, 1050-234 Lisboa   T: (+351) 915 660 889   E:
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