Juliana Estevez

Juliana Estevez is a Clinical Psychologist, Psycotherapist and
founder of the Portuguese Centre of Jungian Studies, the first
Junguian school in Portugal. In 2013 she moved to a nature sanctuary
in SW Portugal. Together with her husband and kids started a retreat
centre that evolved to a Transition Educational Community promoting
and bridging spiritual, ecological and transformative experiences and
retreats, towards a Transition into new attitudes and paradigm
community living.

The Deep Dynamics of Falling in Love

Why do we fall in love with a specific kind of person and not with
another? What is happening in our inner self when we change the kind
of person we usually feel attracted to? What is going on behind the
According to Jungian psychology, every relationship involves at least 4
“persons”: the two partners and their inner man, or animus (in case of a
woman) and the inner woman or anima (in case of a man). And this is
valid both in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. In fact, when
we meet someone strongly resembling our female or male soul, we feel
immediately and deeply attracted, as if an irresistible impulse was
urging us from within towards that person.
In this presentation Juliana will explore the dynamics of falling in love,
the origin and potential of the conflicts, which emerge upon realizing
that our partner does not behave as our animus/anima, and how to
consciously live love relationships as an evolutionary processes towards
individuation (self-actualization).

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