Ana Margarida Forte

Spiritual and Life Coach, Personal development therapist integrated with training of various areas and experience in these areas for 20 years. Rebrther, trainer and facilitator, of these techniques in companies, schools, and consultations in Portugal and abroad, as well as wellness and emotional detox programs based on intuitive connection, concentrated breathing and mindfulness. I intend to support each one to rediscover their mission life and activate personal tools in success. Producer and presenter of an author program on Rádio on line, at Dreams Radio, "Agora", a program dedicated to these themes, as well as a mentor of internal and external travel projects, transforming into various tourist destinations around the world, such as India.


Lecture - Rebirthing
Technique that transforms your life now!

Workshop Rebirthing-
Tools that recreate your personal story

Lecture - Astro Rebirthing
Activation and connection of personal intuition.

Workshop - Astro Rebirthong
Liberation Panic Attacks

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