Vanda Boavida

Graduated in Organization and Management of Companies, with Post-graduation in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Specialization in Financial Markets, always in ISCTE, Vanda Boavida decided to change her career, inspired by a great passion; decoration and Feng Shui.
Currently a consultant in Feng Shui and a teacher at the Portuguese National School of Feng Shui, she conducts consultations with individuals and businesses, lectures and workshops, as well as regularly collaborating with articles and interviews on magazines.
Since early styling spaces, making them in an environment with identity, Vanda Boavida has created her own brand.




Sexy Feng Shui
To inspire people with feng shui techniques to boost their self-esteem

Rua Viriato 25, 5th floor, 1050-234 Lisboa   T: (+351) 915 660 889   E:
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