Laura Marrero

Hi, My name is Laura. I'm a yoga teacher and sound healer. I have been practising yoga for 10 years now and teaching for 2 in different yoga and community centres here in Dublin where I currently live and organising some retreats in Spain where I'm from. I'm passionate about yoga as a way of living and I'm passionate about teaching yoga to help people to find balance in mind-body-spirit. Together with sound healing I have found the perfect way to connect with your true self and others and find your inner peace. I also work with intentions and affirmations making a meaningful experience everyday.

Sound Bath Session
A Sound Bath is an experience of deep relaxation, healing and self discovery. I like to start the session with a short guided mediation making your intentions and preparing yourself for the experience. Also some gentle movements and breath work to move the energy through the body. Then we will receive the power of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, Drums, Koshi chimes and other instruments like my voice. Sound healing helps you with stress and tension. The vibration of the instruments can remove blockage and toxins within the body, clearing you mind and releasing stuck emotions. It also increases vital energy flow, creativity and intuition. All you have to do is lie down and allow the sounds wash over you. 

Sound baths are welcome to all ages, no experience necessary and there is not contradictions as all the instruments are playing outside the body. Just bring your smile and all your good intentions.

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