Gabriella Catalono

Gabriella is a dancer and a movement practitioner whose work investigates the relations between dance and musical, visual and linguistic environments in the context of live performance. She has a contemporary and classic ballet background coming from her training at the international choreographic centre Opus Ballet (Florence, Italy). Subsequently she has continued her journey following and drawing inspiration from different techniques and methods: Axis Syllabus (Frey Faust), Contact improvisation and Partnering, Flying low and Passing through (David Zambrano), Instant Composition (Julyen Hamilton) Bodyweather (Min Tanaka), Ferus Animi/Terra Nova (Tomislav English), KalarINtransit (Rakesh Sukesh) among others. She came to know the Japanese ritualistic dance known as Butoh very recently through the teachings of the Jinen Butoh master Atsushi Takenouchi. This meeting addressed her movement research toward a further evolution which is separated from the artistic and performative aim and which develops from an inner need of connection and expansion. This subtle perception doesn’t require any specific technique to be released into movement, but only the honest listening of one’s own body and the emotional memories which it contains. “Butoh is not just Dance, butoh is Existence….the beauty in Butoh only comes from the Truth..” (A. Tachenouchi) In the last few years she's been based between UK and Italy. In London she worked with Exzeb Dance Company, RuN Collective, Alleyne Dance, collaborated with the photographer/film-maker Chung Wang and Recently co-founded Bambula, an artistic project that adopts dance and physical theatre as primary instruments of expression but that aims to celebrate the fusion of varied Art forms and their spontaneous, creative purposes.

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