Anne Sheeky

Anne and her partner Ric created wellbeing company ATTIC Teas in 2006, promoting daily tea tonics to keep people healthy and happy. 

They collaborate with many people to bring the true depth of the benefits of these teas into our awareness, from nutritionists to energy practitioners. 

We hope you will greatly enjoy hearing about the abilities of this truly amazing plant, from the obvious and to the more hidden!

The Wellbeing Gap Workshop 

For many of us, we spend much of our time feeling OK. We aren't ill, we still function, we go to work and get on with our lives. But we know we aren't truly thriving and this can greatly affect our motivation and actions in our daily life and beyond.

The difference between feeling 'just OK' and 'being the best version of ourselves' is what we call the "Wellbeing Gap" and we are interested in helping people find easy ways to close this gap. 

During this workshop, we look at the fundamental drivers for good health, discover everyday tools to best support us and demonstrate how over time making small positive changes can have a huge impact on our lives. 


The Secret life of Teas

A journey into plant intelligence and how it can guide our personal evolution.

Please come and hear about the hidden wonders of Chinese tea, used for millennia in China as a healing therapy and spiritual practice. 

Learn from it's wisdom. Be the first to experience a practical way to access its 'tea-chings' through a guided meditation with our amazing tea 'remedies'- tinctures of Chinese fire water and tea chi, the perfect tools for our self- exploration!

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