Gaia Evalyn Love

Dancing is my passion. I am an experienced guider and facilitator. Here to hold the space for your guided conscious clubbing experience.

Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance with Cacao
A Guided Conscious Clubbing Experience Enter in to a scared space…. Transform and explore…. Expand your consciousness…. Feel more liberated in your mind and body…. Honor yourself… be creative…. be free… be who you really want to be!!!!! Skyrocket in to ecstasy!!!! Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance with Cacao is about free expression and movement, coming back in to our bodies, clearing out and dancing off any stresses and blockages. The practice enables, energizes and integrates you, establishing a reconnection with your inner essence. We dance because we know it is the medicine we need. Blissfire Guided Conscious Clubbing Experience expands human potential and develops community building and is held safe and respectful environment . Join us, it is a lot of fun!

Cacao Ceremony
Heart opening ceremony with Cacao (smudging too) and inner reflection on the intention for dancing evening. The evening is started with a sacred cacao ceremony, a heart opening ritual that awakens, connects and energizes us. Cacao is raw wild chocolate and a powerful plant medicine used ceremonial for thousands of years across South and Central America. The raw wild chocolate is a unique and highly beneficial gift from nature, it enhances mood, heightens awareness, focus and intensifies sensations.The Cacao we use for Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance is ceremonial grade and comes straight from the Guatemalan Rain Forest sourced by The Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson. (Cacao drinking is optional)

Kundalini Shaking Dance
This shaking dance comes from the pelvis and releases physical stress and tension leading you to inner stillness and silence. It is a preparation and warm up to welcome and raise the energy for the dance.(Approx 15 mins)

Ecstatic Free style Dance Movement and dance are powerful, healing, creative expressions of self. Feel free to move your body in a safe, care free, relaxed environment to amazing carefully selected music. This free style dance is about moving your body, letting it be free, allowing it to come home and connect with you inner self. (Approx 15 mins)

Ecstatic awakening trance dance eyes shut using Breath of Fire breathing technique Focusing on the inner intention made during the cacao ceremony is completed with eyes shut, let the body move itself, listening to the sacred music, let go of anything that holds you back from your true self and sovereignty. Free yourself. Dance like no one is watching, because no one will be! Dive deeply in to yourself, establishing a re connection. Allow life force to flow through you, as you come back to your body. After this you will feel buzzing and energized and glow like never before! (Approx 15 mins)

This is a time of integration, where mind, body and soul come together and process the dance. Here we drop to the ground, surrendering and being in the moment, hearing a grounding visualization technique. Followed by sound bath of Tibetan singing bowls (approx 10 mins) 

Mandala Drawing
Mandalas have been referred to, as the architecture of enlightenment, drawing Mandalas is a form of visual journeying that has many benefits. Its uplifts your soul, stimulates creative thinking, creates satisfaction and pleasure, assists you to reach your full potential and access your divine teacher within as well as and grounds and center your consciousness. The Mandala drawing is done on plain A3 paper using coloured crayons. Mandalas are to take home. After this is a closing circle where you are welcomed to hold up and show your Mandala if you wish (approx 15 mins)

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