Francesca Baker

Francesca Baker is a creator and communicator with a passion for words. A writer, reader and events organiser, she is heavily engaged in the community and loves to bring people together to connect and be curious. A wanderer and scribbler, when she is not exploring the world she creates her own out of words - and would love for you to join her and do the same. Find out more at

I am because we are. Ubuntu is a South African word that refers to human interconnectedness, and in the true spirit of One World we will be using creativity to connect through words with the self, others and environment. This principle embraces connection and creativity, and words will be a vehicle to express and explore just what the principle means to us.

Writing for Wellbeing
Words are good for your health. Join in and use their power to stimulate, engage and boost your wellbeing. A member of Lapidus, the writing for wellbeing organisation, Francesca will lead a writing workshop with guided activities that inspire, connect, foster development, resilence, physical and emotional health, and enjoyment.

A song that not only tells you about the creation of the land and environment you are travelling over, but the tales of those who traversed it ahead of you, and explains how to get there, all without the use of a Google maps, satnav or wikepedia. Songlines are the way that Aboriginal people followed the land, and we will explore the beautiful space of the One World festival, connecting with the ground below, plants around and sky above to write our own songline poems.

Playing with words
Using exercises and activities not seen since your childhood days, we’ll write some poetry and prose that will leave you with a smile on your face. For all ages – big kids and old.

Shared Reading
Come along to read inspiring, entertaining and informative texts, to help boost mood, share ideas, form connections, relax and simply enjoy. With a focus on literature from around the globe, this workshop will bring together ideas and individuals through the page and in person - very much in the spirit of One World!

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