Sonia Grover

Sonia spent 25 years working in a high pressure corporate environment. After suffering a severe back injury 18 years ago, Sonia experienced chronic pain. After 2 years of conventional treatment she explored alternative healing and her health rapidly improved. Since 2000 in tandem with her corporate career she has been promoting development and awareness to help people reconnect with their higher consciousness. Sonia’s mission is to live in higher and higher states of conscious awareness through unconditional love – she is still on her journey………. Hearts Souls Heart teachings and Sound Harmonisation are just some of the tools she has to help herself and others. Sonia is qualified to teach a variety of therapies including Reiki and healing for animals. Sonia teaches with warmth, compassion and humour.

Sound Harmonisation
Sound Harmonising is the gentle art of using sounds and music to bring the body back into a state of balance. Our bodies are not made of solid dense matter but are constantly moving vibrations and through many ages and times, music and sounds have been an integral part of life. Sounds have been used to connect people to each other and themselves. By allowing the sounds to vibrate through the body, it helps bring the body back into alignment as it responds on a cellular level to the differing sounds, tones and vibrations. What sounds are used? Any sounds and instruments can be used but the most effective are through using differing instruments such as singing bowls, drums, gongs and the tones of the voice. In these workshops we will be working with the sounds of Crystal Bowls, Hapi drum, Crystal Harp and Singing Bowls. What do you need to do? Nothing. Simply close your eyes, relax and allow the sounds to drift through you. You can sit or lie down, you may want to bring a pillow and a blanket. Enjoy.

Manifestation Meditation
Manifestation Meditation Want to focus on what you would really like to have in your life and learn how to manifest it? The workshop will focus on using various manifestation techniques with an emphasis on different types of meditation (It does not matter if you are not familiar or experienced with meditation, as this is not necessary). There will be some gentle Crystal Harp sounds to help with getting into a more relaxed state so everyone is more open and receptive to allow the energy to flow, to create and manifest. And a few fun exercises to enliven the energy. The workshop is designed to provide the space, tools and techniques that can be taken away to support you in manifesting.

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