Patsy Freeman

A former nurse, energy worker and mother of two, Patsy lives in Gloucestershire. She has traveled the world and has been inspired by other cultures and their approaches to birth, death and grief. She was completely unprepared for the death of her own daughter through cancer nearly three years ago. She is currently writing a memoir about journeying with the grief and the gifts that are still coming from this.

The Gifts that Grief can Bring
Patsy will give a talk about her personal journey through the chaos and unpredictability of grief following the death of her daughter. In a culture that fears both death and grief, she found grieving to be a solitary experience. Instead of turning towards each other in times of deep loss, we numb, ignore or tranquillise the grief and get on with our lives. This way of dealing with grief deprives not only ourselves of a healthy, heart-opening experience, but also our communities. There will be time for questions afterwards, or dividing into smaller groups for discussion.

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