Anthony Salmon

The Avant Guilds Performing Arts Group.... Exists for a purpose of bringing together collaborators who have demonstrated their openness to networking in order to attract opportunities,by creating Business Social Network Profiles on various sites. We are also creating a Community of Individuals who are associated with any aspect of the Performing Arts as well as those who would be willing to appear as Extras,who will be invited to Concerts & Stage Events that will be scheduled to be Filmed.Our Company has plans to purchase an island in the Hebrides that will be the foundation of an alternative community which will be sponsored by a Television Channel that is presently waiting to cue to launch on the SKY Network. The Island already has 9 cottages,a community hall and restaurant

Introducing The "Avant Gulds Performing Arts Group" Sponsored by 5 Star Film Company Ltd & The One World Television Channel.
The Workshop is for People who would like to know more about the TV Channel and the projects it wants to support especially the Avant Guilds Performing Arts Group,a Hebridean Community and the Principality of Sealand which is the Worlds smallest legal Principality which is based on a rig in the North Sea. Being a Titled Lord of that Principality,i have asked the Government of Sealand to join us an re-locate to the island where we can create an abundant life alternative community with oour own unique Passports,and freedom initiative lifestyle.

Lord Anthony Salmon
Managing Director of 5 Star Film Company Ltd,and Program Director of the "One World Television"Channel,A Scottish Titled Laird and Lord of Sealand,the Worlds Smallest Principality and Freedom Democracy

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