Harini Iyengar

Harini Iyengar loves working and loves being a parent. Harini has been a barrister for 16 years specialising in Employment, Discrimination and Equality law. She has always been a full-time working mother, and is a long-term single parent of three wonderful children. She volunteers as a formal mentor of working parents in the City of London through Cityparents. Within her own profession, she sits on the steering group of the Temple Women's Forum, has been a speaker with Oxford Women in Law, and is an Ambassador for the First 100 Years Project. Harini encourages mothers to remain in the workforce with financial autonomy, and working fathers to be equally involved in caring for their children.

Find Your Work-Life Balance
Harini Iyengar, practising barrister, lone parent of three, and political activist, returns to One World to present her course on 'Find Your Work-Life Balance'. The course is suitable for all ages, for fathers, mothers and people without children. The topics covered include legal rights, financial issues, managing stress at work and at home, identity and self-esteem. The aim of the course is to 'stop the juggling act and become the ringmaster in your own life'.

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