Melanie Hubbard

“We all need nourishment in our lives, but very few people know how to fulfill this basic need with understanding and quality.” Melanie discovered yoga at nineteen years old, in search of something which nourished body, mind and spirit. She later trained as a teacher with the BWY. Motherhood inspired her to deepen her journey into nourishment and led her to Macrobiotocs. She developed an understanding and sensitivity to the energy flow within herself and others, aiming to release the resistances which block our freedom.. She has completed a four year in-depth training to become a Macrobiotic Cook & Life Coach with The International Macrobiotic School in Devon. Alongside teaching Yoga she offers Health, Dietary & Lifestyle Coaching, Cooking Classes, Workshops and Retreats.

Yoga Flow

As you learn how the postures work and how these lines of energy move, and as you learn to follow the lines into your tight areas and open them, the completed postures will come from inside, not outside, like a blooming flower that is gently expanding from its centre.

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