Natasha Boojihawon

Natasha is a Reiki Master using Usui Shiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki for the last 5 years, a wellness and career coach, mentor and yogi. In July, Natasha will be a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. Her practice draws on quantum field healing, crystals, meditation, sound healing and sacred geometry. Natasha’ holistic practice Earth Clinic has a vision is to support people to live full, happy lives, free from disease, pain, trauma and oppression and to assist the evolution of our planet. In 2009 she founded 2 social enterprises, Union Street, a digital media and social development company and Women’s Solidarity Forum, a women’s organisation. She is a campaigner for young people, the homeless, complementary medicine and human rights.

Introduction to Reiki
This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful world of Reiki, an energy practice that we all have the innate power to do. You will learn how Reiki works, how it can be used and why it is important for us to receonnect to this natural human ability and function. As part of the session, you will be introduced to some of the basic techniques which you can try yourself! A fun and interactive workshop.

Introduction to Self-healing
This workshop will give you an insight into how you can develop your intuition and awareness of your body and spirit. You will learn different ideas and techniques for self-healing physical symptoms, conditions and aliments, emotional trauma or concerns and blockages that can be used on yourself, or on others. You will leave with the confidence to try these for yourself and resources to take away with you. A fun and interactive workshop.

Transforming Your Energy
Full title: Transforming Your Body's Energy Through Food This workshop focuses on our energy levels and nourishment and helps you to be more aware of how to take control of your body’s energy system according to your needs. Learn how to create a sustainable form of energy throughout the day and be as productive as you want to be! A fun and interactive workshop.

4 Steps to Optimum Gut Health
Learn about the 4 steps towards transforming your gut health and improving your immune system. Whether you are experiencing digestive issues or disorders or just want to know how to keep your gut healthy, this workshop will empower you to take the steps towards better optimum health. A fun and interactive workshop.

Conscious Campaigning & Social
Full title: Conscious Campaigning & Social Change Have you ever wanted to campaign on issues that you are passionate about? Do you campaign and advocate for issues and want to develop your skills further? This workshop looks at how to develop conscious campaigns that can create powerful and sustainable change. We'll discuss strategy, media and PR as well as collaborating and co-creating with others. A fun and interactive workshop.

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