Danny Shine

Danny Shine experienced a spiritual awakening in 1995, and then immediately forgot everything revealed to him. Danny has founded no organizations, isn't the author of any books, and hasn't got a black belt in a martial art. Nor does he live with his spiritual partner in the mountains of Crete. (His wife wouldn't agree) Come and hear his unique message – not only will you not be transformed, Danny guarantees you will leave the workshop just as stuck as you were before. What people are saying about Danny and his workshops: "He seems a bit full of himself to me". “It was alright.” "Danny Who?".

Spiritual Entertainment
In this session we will be watching some of the 'everything is ok' series of films which have become popular on YouTube amongst some 'types!' We will then be sharing ideas of how each one of us can share our truths in a way that works for us and our 'audience.'

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