Maureen Levy

Maureen Levy lives in lovely Dublin. 
She is an Artist, Writer, Lifecoach ,Group facilitator and Improvisor
She loves helping people to excavate their creativity and is the Director of “The YES Manifesto'' specialising  in workshops facilitating both corporate Leadership training and encouraging people to have enormous fun, Laugh like drains,and fall in love with Life 
Her ongoing pastimes include:  improvising, writing limericks, daydreaming, baking cakes, eating them, pottering  around the garden, singing and laughing at inappropriate times.
She has two large sons, an overladen bookshelf, a very untidy bedroom and a morbidly obese daschund.

Improvisation Comedy
Love Laughing??
Love "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"
Wanna get yourself Loose as a Goose??

Improvisational Comedy: The very idea of it was terrifying - and so, I went to a workshop. It was one of the scariest things I ever did. In fact, it was so scary that I  immediately  realised that I needed to do more & more & more & more.
Now, here I am almost 10 years later, an Improv Evangelist.
It's not just me - ask anyone who does regular improv. Its a Joy.

Hand on heart, I believe that learning and more importantly, putting into action the basic rules of improv, has been the most positive, confidence growing, life affirming stuff i have ever learned. It has transformed my life and that of many others.
''YES and...''
Improvisational Comedy is not just about being on stage and being funny. Its about just being yourself, in the moment and saying ''Yes'' to whatever is happening -  It's a tool for enhancing your entire life. 

It helps you to be  present and completely in the moment and It teaches you to really pay attention.
It make you expansive, adventurous, and very, very flexible in your thinking, forcing you to let go of the controls and trust that whatever you are doing is Okay.
You cannot do it wrong. 

It's about being exactly who you are and trusting that whatever you have to say is exactly the right thing- the funny makes itself. Brilliant, huh?? 

Improv can be adapted to suit different situations and groups.
I have seen it have startling effects building confidence, encouraging creativity in the timid, and growing assertiveness. Kids blossom, anxious people overcome fears and start to advocate for themselves, managers become more flexible, trafficked people make their voices heard & stand up for their rights.
If you want to have BIg Fun and massive LOL's at One World - come join in a workshop.
You may even spot some of the resident Soggy Biscuits, our in-house One World Improv Troupe (I know - wildly inappropriate name, but it's just stuck!) creating a pop-up event or two. Last year saw several pop-up weddings and a couple of birthdays, and a number of  rather politically incorrect rituals. We look forward to expanding this service in 2014. Nothing is too random for us to pop-up and celebrate. Keep an eye out for us!

I could proselytize forever about the benefits to your mental health, how laughing keeps you youthful and healthy - but why not come to a workshop and just have an adventure for yourself?

Look forward to meeting you!
''People who say YES are astonished by the adventures they have.'' - Keith Johnston

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