Rebecca Jones

Becca is a qualified Natural Nutritionist who loves to educate and empower people about good food choices. After many years of experimenting on herself with how food can make you feel, she finally decided to take the time to study and now practising here in the UK as well as working at a Retreat Centre in Southern Spain. In addition to this she has a special interest in the use of Superfoods such as Chlorella Powder, Goji Berries and CamuCamu Fruit Powder - as our food can be low in certain nutrients due to modern agriculture and the volume of chemicals added to the production. This year at One World she will be talking about these Superfoods and more to give an understanding of how these products can fit into your life.

Your Health & Superfood
A workshop that will explain the 'how' and 'why' of using Superfoods in our modern day life. Our soils are quite devoid of nutrients and at times it can hard to get everything we need on a daily basis from our food. So come along and see where superfoods can increase the longevity of your life and how they can help combat stress, increase vitality, improve our brain function and immune system and much much more.

Alkalising for Health
This workshop will help you to understand how our food and drink choices can change the Acid / Alkaline balance in our body. Your body is constantly working to keep you slightly alkaline - learn which foods to use to improve this status and how too much acidic food can create a dis-ease state within. Making simple changes our food patterns can bring relief from symptoms such as headaches and inflammation as well as chronic pain & fatigue - bringing you a happier and healthier life.

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