David Chandler

I've been on a journey with my health for a number of years ..and its been a enormously enlightening experience for me, and those around me. -When I came to the end of the road with the medical world regarding my health. And my partner started studying nutrition, a door started to open for me that has lead me to a place of not only complete wellbeing but also a reasonable level of knowledge. This has in turn lead me to hosting our own health and wellbeing retreats and forming a small health based business. My heart is in helping people understand that illness doesn't need to stay with them and a improved level of function is attainable for all that wish to take the time to achieve it. If I inspire one person to better health then its been worth it.


YOUR Health and the Environment
Since bringing myself back from Ill health, and while progressing my families health. Its become startlingly obvious that the elements of our surrounding have a vast impact on our wellbeing From the water we drink to the products we use to the food we eat ,the air we breathe. find out a bit more in depth the real cost to your health and what you can do to avoid toxins that are contributing to debilitating dis-eases, and improve your wellbeing.

NOT Living With Arthritis
 We see a lot of advice in the medical and mainstream press about coping with arthritis – like it’s a burden you have to carry for the rest of your days. Well, I had the same thoughts when I tried to function with chronic arthritis. Here’s a short version of my arthritis story.  You too can show arthritis the door! I lived with this unwanted guest for several years – but can say that he (and his associates that tagged along!) havn’t shown up for a good while now…. And here’s why...Hear my story..from being unable to accent stairs. Being told I requried knee replacements to full function and an active life...And how other illness went the same way..

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