Kendra Tanner

Kendra is a primarily a life coach, helping people live as their True You, especially women who struggle with their relationship with food, body and self. When she’s not coaching or leading workshops, she’s usually found in the kitchen concocting simple and nourishing recipes. Kendra’s own True You journey has revolved around food. Going from loving to cook (and eat!) as a kid, to having an eating disorder, and then finding her way out and rekindling her love for food. Her mission is to help people of all ages enjoy the nourishment and pleasure that food and life gives us.

Creative Kitchens for Kids
Creative Kitchens makes food fun for kids. It is an interactive session where they learn where their food comes from, and see ingredients that they normally do not like turn into yummy treats. We turn a pile of oats, dates, and nuts into tasty granola bars, and bananas into ice cream. Each day we will play with a different recipe, and they will get to enjoy the treats after they are made. These sessions will help kids start to build a healthy relationship with food.

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