Sat Kartar

Sat Kartar first discovered Hatha yoga in 1970 from a BBc tv programme with Richard Hittleman. Although life took a few intreasting directions finally found kundalini yoga. she took the first training in london in 95/96. Travalled to USa & europe to study with other teachers regularly.she presented workshops & at the london yoga show at Olympia in 2006/07/08 and in Manchester in 2006. Taught on teacher trainings in london,France & spain.well travelled taught in in KL Malaysia,Italy & usa.Lived on a findhorn community Erraid Island for 9mtns, passionate about community building & helping inspire & uplifting others. 

Each workshop will explore the Strengths & Weaknesses of these energies and how they are all interrelated. Using a simple and practical approach to work on blocks in our life from past & present.
EARTH - Grounding, connection & survival
WATER - Change, movement & Emotions
FIRE  - Power, Self Esteem & vitality
AIR  -  Love, compassion & Healing
ETHER - Sound, Communication & creativity
LIGHT -  Intuition Clairvoyance
THOUGHT - Knowledge Understanding & Transcendence

ANGelfire yoga
Incorporating: posture, movement & breath combined with Sound, relaxation, focus, mantra & meditation.

Rua Viriato 25, 5th floor, 1050-234 Lisboa   T: (+351) 915 660 889   E:
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