Teachers 2019

Julie-Anne Shapiro Julie-Anne Shapiro is an international Love and Relationship Expert, Speaker and Founder of [...] READ MORE Tiago Bastos About me: Someone with an enormous capacity to fly and to believe, who learns every day to root, to [...] READ MORE Fiona Philips Fiona has researched and published numerous articles on subjects such as astrology, conspiracy [...] READ MORE Peryal Tugen Peryal has many years of experience in different dance forms including Jive, Latin and Contemporary. [...] READ MORE Sat Kartar Sat Kartar first discovered Hatha yoga in 1970 from a BBc tv programme with Richard Hittleman. [...] READ MORE Flora Ouattara Flora Ouattara learnt macrobiotics in Paris, at CIMO. She is a macrobiotic teacher in Paris. [...] READ MORE Michael Tanner Michael was teaching Yoga in the early 1970s. He also owned a centre in Devon offering courses [...] READ MORE Moriko Kondo Japanese Sotai [...] READ MORE Yuka Noguchi Cooking is more fun than eating, for Yuka Noguchi. Having more than ten years experience at Lima [...] READ MORE Tomoko Ogawa Lillrank Tomoko has been practicing macrobiotic diet and lifestyle for 27 years. She studied at a cooking [...] READ MORE Maria Gillott Maria is one of the two founders of One World. She studied for her BA in sculpture and then went on [...] READ MORE Richard Brook Richard is founder of Creative Wellness and Creative Yoga London. He specialises in 5 Elements [...] READ MORE KB Lim Being a son of a Chinese Teacher, and having studied Chinese as a first language in one of the Top [...] READ MORE Anita Sampaio Anita Sampaio is a professional dancer and a dance teacher. She is one of the owners of Dance [...] READ MORE Amanda Renske Mann Amanda Renske Mann has more than 25 years magical experience. First as a Witch, now as a shamanic [...] READ MORE Ana Teresa Silva Ana Teresa Silva combines 20 years of journalism & writing in her work as a Life Coach, NLP [...] READ MORE Rui Sebok Bizarro After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon jungle of [...] READ MORE Dora Godinho Passionate about yoga for many years, Dora's interest for personal development and spirituality [...] READ MORE Michael Richmond Hi I Am Michael. [...] READ MORE Stefanie Joyce Stefanie embarked on her yoga journey in 2006 when she was a student in Australia.  [...] READ MORE Marco Novara Aquatic Body Worker, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner, Thai Shiatsu therapist, and group practice [...] READ MORE Trevor Gunn Trevor Gunn graduated in Medical Biochemistry in 1983 and gained his Licence to practise homeopathy [...] READ MORE
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