Manuela Isgro Alternative medicines and their Mind, Body, Spirit/Soul healing techniques have always interested me dearly. I completed my aromatherapy training based on the Oriental Medicine approach… READ MORE Anne Sheeky Anne and her partner Ric created wellbeing company ATTIC Teas in 2006, promoting daily tea tonics to keep people healthy and happy.  … READ MORE Benjamin Stubbs Since Benjamin discovered the Law of Attraction he found the amount of information out there baffling. So decided to scrape away all of the fluff and get to the core foundations of it… READ MORE Lucy Parker Kids Village … READ MORE Mal Edwards Mal has been sports cooprdinator at One World Festival since 2014 and loves to see young people thrive and gain confidence providing a friendly cooperative enviroment for all to enjoy… READ MORE Claire Edwards KIDS VILLAGE FACILITATOR  Claires vision is to provide a safe, fun and relaxing space for families and children, to find self-expression, make freinds and to try new things. READ MORE Steve Gagne SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER! … READ MORE Paula Trafford I am specialist in Natural, Holistic, Organic Complemetary Therapies, Mindful Bodywork and Pilates sessions. I have an NVQ level 3 Pilates, NVQ level 3 Personal Trainer, a Multiple… READ MORE Becky Ford NEW TEACHER … READ MORE Angela Prange READ MORE Dario Gerchi Dario trained with Chinese master Zhixing Wang and has been teaching since 1998. Dario himself overcame severe physical disability by practising this ancient discipline. … READ MORE Sigita Staisiunaite Medical Professional. Massage Expert, Therapist and Instructor. Certified Health Coach. Cosmetics. Writer. … READ MORE Robert Drury Robert is a Bowen Practitioner and Aromatherapist, and is also an assistant teacher in a West London primary school. He’s inspired by the infectious creativity and enthusiasm of… READ MORE Julia Collings Julia is a musical improviser, cabaret host and award-winning solo improvised speaker. She loves tapping into people’s innate creativity, getting them to say ‘yes’,… READ MORE Irene Hanasand Irene is a member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain and qualified as an Astrologer in 1990 and has been sharing her passion for Astrology ever since whether it is with… READ MORE Kirsty Randle A single mother of 3, Kirsty works professionally as a tarot reader as well as a minister. She is a trustee of Miracle Network, the London based charity dedicated to the teaching of… READ MORE Sharron Hollier Nature Connection is a mixture of forest school/nature studies, basic survival skills and natural mindfulness. This is an opportunity for people of all ages to reconnect with nature and… READ MORE Angel Jougin-Coppin I have been training as a Therapist since 1997after studying Zoology at Imperial. I wondered why I took this study and later realised what spirit had in store for me I needed to know… READ MORE Roma Noriss Roma Noriss … READ MORE Natalie Hewett I have been working in mental health as an Occupational Therapist since 1996 and studying part-time for an MsC in Mindfulness Based Approaches since 2013. My studies in… READ MORE Martin Okoli Lost and Found (for family) 'One person's trash is another person's treasure' Come along and enjoy adorning and decorating found objects with paint, markers, crayons and… READ MORE Gaia Evalyn Love Dancing is my passion. I am an experienced guider and facilitator. Here to hold the space for your guided conscious clubbing experience. READ MORE Gill Black My name is Gill Black and I have been practicing holistic therapies for over twelve years working mainly in Cheshire. I provide a wide variety of therapies and workshops but my passion… READ MORE Sheila Gibbons Sheila Gibbons … READ MORE Shirley Whalley Shirley has worked with community groups and individuals, exploring sound and the practice of truly listening to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. The focus of… READ MORE Phiya Kushi SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER! … READ MORE Sat Kartar Sat Kartar first discovered Hatha yoga in 1970 from a BBc tv programme with Richard Hittleman. Although life took a few intreasting directions finally found kundalini yoga. she took the… READ MORE Bridget Withycombe-Wharton Initially using 'movement' to aid learning for those with alternative learning styles within primary schools, this very quickly developed into working within mainstream… READ MORE Paul Cody I have worked for many years with children, people with disabilities and older adults, as a lecturer, individual tutor, freelance and in schools. This will be my forth year teaching at… READ MORE Sally Phillips Sally lives in Southampton, UK, and has been a practitioner in various healing modalities for several years. She also leads workshops and global healing transmissions. By raising our… READ MORE Ms Harini Iyengar Harini Iyengar loves working and loves being a parent. Harini has been a barrister for 16 years specialising in Employment, Discrimination and Equality law. She has always been a… READ MORE Carol Donaldson Carol Donaldson is a Musical Director for theatre and radio with many years experience as a popular choir and singing workshop leader. She runs several community choirs including… READ MORE anne sheekey We discovered Chinese tea in 2006 in the tea markets of China. Coming home we were so excited by the potential that soon after we opened a tea bar in Bristol. Offering coffee and cakes… READ MORE Cecilia Armelin Born in Washington DC, in 1965 qualified with a BSc Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Dayton, Ohio. Cecilia worked in various hospitals and clinics as a… READ MORE Massimo Kyo Di Nocera Italian musician-composer, born the 3rd october 1974 in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples. As a musician he grew passing through many different kind of music, starting with classical… READ MORE erika mcgrath experienced textile and dress designer ...montessori teacher , empath and social carer . READ MORE Gaurav Malik Dr. Gaurav Malik … READ MORE Sarah Samuel My passion is in supporting individuals to release their innate creativity so that they can lead more empowered, fulfilled and happier lives. Based in Brighton, I work with… READ MORE Flora Ouattara Flora Ouattara has learnt macrobiotics in Paris, at CIMO. She is a macrobiotic teacher in Paris. Macrobiotics is not just about food, it is also a philosophy. The most important is to… READ MORE Estelle Dooley My name is Estelle Dooley I am a fully qualified Psychotherapist by day and qualified facilitator of Ecstatic Awakening Dance & Sound Baths in Liverpool & Nationally providing… READ MORE Karen Roberts Laughter Tools for Healthy Living: Hi. I'm Karen a qualified teacher and certified Laughter Yoga coach. I've worked in education for many years with adults and children both in… READ MORE Sophie Simpson My first profession is Acting. If I were a 'Techy' my thing would be Costume & Wardrobe. I now make @costumes & style people for a living. I've always loved dressing… READ MORE Nadia Chavka Nadia trained four years with many international trainers to become a Feldenkrais practitioner and she graduated in London. She is a full member of the UK Feldenkrais Professional… READ MORE Catalina Canon I am a lady, looking to meet nice people with similar thinking and to know other ways of doing probably same/ new things, what to share my knowledge and experience in healing as I used… READ MORE Rebecca Jones Becca is a qualified Natural Nutritionist who loves to educate and empower people about good food choices. After many years of experimenting on herself with how food can make you feel,… READ MORE Danny Shine Danny Shine experienced a spiritual awakening in 1995, and then immediately forgot everything revealed to him. Danny has founded no organizations, isn't the author of any books, and… READ MORE Tamara Donn Tamara Donn supports stressed busy women release the overwhelm and chaos in their lives and helps them to create new habits of peace and calm. She uses a host of different tools… READ MORE Julie Silver Julie Silver is known as The Vitality Fairy and is the author of Food Awakening - Nutrition for NOW. A qualified nutritional therapist & natural health consultant who works with… READ MORE John Thorn John has been working as a healer, physical therapist and giving guidance for over 25 years and loving it. Namste READ MORE Geoff Napier Cygnus Cafe meetings. Ever wanted to talk about heart to heart matters, without dogmas and belief systems getting in the way? Since January 2015 about 80 local Cygnus Community Cafe… READ MORE Barry Mason Barry Mason … READ MORE Kendra Tanner Kendra is a primarily a life coach, helping people live as their True You, especially women who struggle with their relationship with food, body and self. When she’s not coaching… READ MORE ken collinson I have been practising Mindfulness meditation since I was ten years old, over the years I have spent time learning various styles of mindfulness meditation and have put together a… READ MORE Emma Cunis Emma Cunis is an inspiring teacher, counsellor and practitioner of macrobiotics, a holistic system of self-healthcare and personal development. Having transformed her own health and… READ MORE Anna Low I am a qualified TCM Acupuncturist. As well as stand alone Acupuncture treatments, I embrace integrating needles, cupping and guasha into my Holistic Massage practice. I have 18 years… READ MORE Cath McDermott Cath McDermott has been running children's workshops at One World for many years. Now joined by her daughter Freddy they are offering Face Painting, Henna and Body Art for all… READ MORE David Chandler I've been on a journey with my health for a number of years ..and its been a enormously enlightening experience for me, and those around me. -When I came to the end of the road with… READ MORE David Steare After working for more than 40 years as a psychiatric nurse, social worker, systemic practitioner (AFT) and relationship coach (EMCC) I am now enjoying my 'freedom years' of… READ MORE Georgie Deyn Georgie G Deyn is a healer, teacher, singer and channel of Love in its purest forms. She works with the Light and Sound of the Higher Realms including the Angelic Realm and that of the… READ MORE Dario Gerchi Dario Gerchi started Macrobiotics in 1989 in an attempt to recover from leg injuries suffered in 1982, when orthodox medical treatment following a minor sports complaint left… READ MORE maslen george maslen george has been a professional actress for over 20 years.since moving to devon six years ago she has been running her own company heart performing arts.All her workshops are run… READ MORE Melanie Hubbard “We all need nourishment in our lives, but very few people know how to fulfill this basic need with understanding and quality.” Melanie discovered yoga at nineteen years… READ MORE Rachel Mayatt I am a mother, grandmother, artist, writer and student of archaeology, history and mythology. Over 25 years experience of running workshops, circles and groups. Working with earth… READ MORE Philippe Kusnik Philipe kusnik as studing shiatsu for more than 30 years with Doc Tran in paris , as well as shizuko Yamamoto ; Actually living in Marseille and running a shiatsu center for 12 years in… READ MORE Hazel Bird In the evenings there will be stories for all around the main fire. To warm our toes and hearts. … READ MORE Julie-Anne Shapiro Julie-Anne Shapiro is an international Love and Relationship Expert, Speaker and Founder of Magnetizing Love. She has helped thousands of women around the world to attract the love of… READ MORE Andy Mapplebeck After many years experiencing the benefits of breathing exercises during yoga classes, Andy was attracted to learning to play the didgeridoo to take the use of the breath a stage… READ MORE Michael Tanner Michael was teaching Yoga in the early 1970s. He also owned a centre in Devon offering courses in Yoga, Kinaesiology Reflexology, Encounter Groups, Massage and… READ MORE Moriko Kondo Japanese Sotai … READ MORE Bear Love We are love... The journey home is within...Oneness is an experience READ MORE Maureen Levy Maureen Levy lives in lovely Dublin.  … READ MORE Nikki Middlemass Nikki is an experienced pilates teacher qualified to the highest teaching level having attained the CYQ level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology. She runs her own classes in Harrow and… READ MORE Prem Kalia I am a follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the spiritual leader of the Isha Foundation, and have been an Isha Foundation meditator since 2008. I have attended the Inner Engineering and… READ MORE Russel King I teach Tai Chi to a variety of students throughout the year in the Surrey area and work as a transpersonal psychotherapist. … READ MORE Ruth Hawe Singer, sacred sound healer, author and activist Ruth Hawe is happiest whilst at camps and festivals, living tribally, or when exploring new places on her bicycle. She trained and… READ MORE Ruth Swift Ruth has been a drama teacher and practitioner for 20 years. She is currently the Deputy Principal of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Manchester which develops confidence and… READ MORE Stanley Stewart I am a Master Wizard and chairperson of Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry , a Not for profit organization. I have been a practising Philosopher, Medium, Energyworker, Councilor,… READ MORE Svemir Vranko Hello, my name is Svemir. I am coming from Rovinj, Croatia and i am originator of Chakra Dance Yoga movement workshop. Also I am organizer of YOMAD One World Festival which will take… READ MORE Yuka Noguchi Cooking is more fun than eating, for Yuka Noguchi. Having more than ten years experience at Lima Cooking School, Yuka is also interested in creating her own original Macrobiotic… READ MORE Tomoko Ogawa Lillrank Tomoko has been practicing macrobiotic diet and lifestyle for 27 years. She studied at a cooking school of Omori who was a George Ohsawa´s pupil. She studied first in Japan and… READ MORE Charlotte McLaughlin Charlotte is a HCPC registered Arts Therapist and a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist. She is an experienced group facilitator and for the past year has been running Art… READ MORE Maria Gillott Maria is one of the two founders of One World. She studied for her BA in sculpture and then went on to work as a house parent in homes for handicapped children and school offenders. In… READ MORE Jeffrey Marshall I have been a Juggler since I was 11 but started performing, 20 years later, in the mid 90s with a colleague and have attended and taught at over 300 events but when my colleague left… READ MORE Paul Rose Paul Rose is an NCFE Level 4 bushcraft and wilderness instructor. Getting involved in the outdoors from an early age and travelling for several years led Paul to having a great interest… READ MORE Michael Rossoff Michael has been involved in macrobiotic and natural healing for 46 years. After studies with Michio Kushi and other teachers in the late 1960s and early ’70s, he returned to his… READ MORE Craig Traford Craig Trafford is an AAMET qualified EFT Practitioner, Consultant Educational Kinesiologist, Stress Reduction Trainer & Musician. As 'The Fun MusicMan' he facilitates… READ MORE Craig Winterburn Craig winterburn trained to be drum-kit player for 15 years before going back to college to study community arts. He is now a musician and community artist working in and around… READ MORE Oliver Cowmeadow Oliver Cowmeadow is the principal of the International Macrobiotic School based in Devon, running a three and a half year professional training in Macrobiotic Cooking, Food Coaching,… READ MORE Natasha Boojihawon Natasha is a Reiki Master using Usui Shiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki for the last 5 years, a wellness and career coach, mentor and yogi. In July, Natasha will be a qualified Naturopathic… READ MORE Sophie Evans Hi! I'm Sophie Evans. I am a Dance and Fitness Instructor in the Bath / Bristol area. I help people of all ages and abilities to reach different goals. There is one thing for sure:… READ MORE Leonor Catalina Canon Allowing myself to share spiritual interchange and take part of the abundance of the universe, exploring new possibilities and going deeper into different disciplines as aromatherapy,… READ MORE Emily Croucher Hello my name is Emily Rose and I run workshops in Brighton in Life drawing, film and pyrography. I'll be running a Life Drawing Workshop at One World Festival and it will not only… READ MORE Tony Mills Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills began his career as an osteopath. After some time he realised that manipulation of the skeletal structure was not always the answer, and to best help his… READ MORE Andy Cawley Hi I'm Andy Cawley, From my years of working as a Kinesiologist I've learned from clients what has actually changed their lives. I'm delighted to offer a series of… READ MORE Ingrid Slack Biodanza encompasses all that I hold dear. I love people and helping them to learn, helping them to be happier and more in control of their lives. I have been a teacher and am now a… READ MORE Beverley Anne Fox Yoga with Beverley Anne READ MORE Héloïse Leclercq My name is Héloïse, i've been coming to One World for the past 8 years and i've decided to run my own workshop for kids about unicorns and dinosaures ! READ MORE Eugenie Arrowsmith I am a performance artist who teaches singing, songwriting and poetry workshops. My experience in the creative arts began as a teenager when my first poem was published at 13, from… READ MORE Patricia Restrepo Difference between Healthy and Nutritious Eating Ten Step Programme to Smart Eating How to Balance your Weight Naturally Emergency Home Remedies Meditation READ MORE Michael Mepsted Michael has been trained under the direct guidance of a Realised Yogi, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi (known as 'Babaji'). For several years he has spent months each year in India with… READ MORE Peter Donn Peter Donn is an international EFT Master trainer and practitioner, training regularly in the USA, UK and Canada. He is a certified trainer for the three largest EFT organisations… READ MORE Brett Moran A former drug dealer, crack addict and young offender, Brett Moran knows all about transformation. From prison inmate to life coach, his online products, workshops and… READ MORE Sonia Grover Sonia spent 25 years working in a high pressure corporate environment. After suffering a severe back injury 18 years ago, Sonia experienced chronic pain. After 2 years of conventional… READ MORE Francesca Baker Francesca Baker is a creator and communicator with a passion for words. A writer, reader and events organiser, she is heavily engaged in the community and loves to bring people together… READ MORE paul cook Paul cook aka didge tall paul grew up in a village just outside of Dartford and has lived in Kent for most of his life. After doing a fair bit of travelling including Australia of… READ MORE
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