You are very welcome to apply to join our fabulous team of friendly staff. Volunteers come from all corners of the world, so the chance to meet and melt into a global community of amazing international humans is standing right before you. Being part of the full-time staff team is a great way to make new friends and is invariably a rewarding experience. Be sure to apply as soon as you can to secure your place. Areas of work include kitchen, children, site work, secretarial and others. You will still have time to socialise and participate in some of the workshops. You can choose to be part time, working 3 hours a day or full time working 6 hours a day.

Volunteering fees include free camping and food
£100 full time
£160 part time
Upgrade to indoor accommodation at an extra cost.

To apply to volunteer, please fill in the application form below with your card details. We will not debit your card unless you have been accepted. Another easy way to apply and pay is to contact the office on  +351 915 660 889 or email: info@oneworldcamp.com

Please Note: That festival tickets and deposits are non-refundable and non transferable. 

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