One World is an amazing experience. You'll know people from all over the world and have a lot of fun. Volunteering is a grateful experience. I did kitchen work. It's hardworking but it's also very worth it

Marc López 09.02.2017

Last day of One World Festival 2015. I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to next years gathering. Many thanks to those who attended my healing circles. Some photos already on my page – energeticwisdom

Tony Mills 14.04.2016

Thank you to everyone there for welcoming me so warm heartedly as a One World newbie! The feeling of belonging has been very moving :) Extra special thanks to Douglas Crawford, Paul Cody, Carol Donaldson, Craig Winterburn, Domonic Galligan, Jon Athawes, Andy Cawley, Bear Love, Benjamin Stubbs, Liam, Nezzy SpectacularGoddess, Dave Binder (thanks for the chocolate!) and the wizards! I don’t know why nearly all my synchronicities should have been in the 1st floor ladies loss but I left much needed new toilet roll there on the last day as an offering of thanks and gratitude! ;) Thanks to all of you who turned up there at exactly the right time for me (including Douglas!)

Sue McCowan 14.04.2016

Greetings on behalf of myself and my twin night watchman, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the organisers, and volunteers for making this year Summer festival so Great Also a big thanks to all those people who attended my talks and workshops I hope they prove useful to you as you proceed on your lifes journey ? and Finally to everyone who gave their support and donations without whom Wayfinders couldn’t exist THANK YOU EVERYONE !! Blessings to you all <3

Stanley Stewart 14.04.2016

What an amazing festival – thanks to all who made it so great and all the soundcircle participants – my singing bowls are still humming !!!

Shirley Whalley 14.04.2016

I visited One World for the first time this year on Jon’s recommendation and I was really struck by the connectedness, openness and gratitude of the organisers, teachers and participants. The workshops I attended were skilfully facilitated, the organisation smooth, and the surroundings – gorgeous! As I drove away I felt inspired to be more than a participant next year, and contribute something of myself to the space that One World creates.

Rowena Ronson 14.04.2016

Thanks to Kenny, Andy & Joao for another amazing year at OW ! Loved the workshops, loved the venue and particularly the woodlands, perfect for bushcraft ! Can’t wait to see you all again soon and thanks to everyone who came back and helped make my workshop so enjoyable !! BIG HUGS !!

Paul Rose 14.04.2016

Back from the most amazing lovely week at one world fest. So good to see old friends again make new ones and get to do impro and singing all week with my lovely Emily.

Paul Cody 14.04.2016

What an awesome week. What a trauma to arrive at Paddington Station. What sill I do with myself now ?

Mo Levy 14.04.2016

Wow what a beautiful week ... My fairy heart is very happy xx

Maslen George 14.04.2016

Love and thanks for an amazing week to everyone who creates One World. It was my first time this year, it won’t be my last! Looking forward to seeing you all again next year :D Xx

Linda Alton 14.04.2016

Hi Everyone, what a fab time we all had at the OWF this year, Stanley and I have been asked many times to place on the OWF page a link where they can contact us, enjoy, have fund and hope to see you all again next year <3 <3 ? to all –

Ken Collinson 14.04.2016

I would like to thank you for the wonderful summer camp. I am 68 years old and it was one of the best weeks of my whole life. Truth! I look forward to 20165 and all the workshops it brings and I hope people will come Laugh With Me again. THANKS

Karen Roberts 14.04.2016

Fantastic festival. So good to see everyone. Thank you so much! Xx”

Julie Rosenfield 14.04.2016

THANK YOU again for a wonder-filled 1World Festival .. Very special time .. Feeling good with a heart ful o’ gratitude .. BIG LOVE x

Julia Parmer Price 14.04.2016

After a fantastic week at the one world festival ... Stuck to the macrobiotic vegan diet ... The Cheddar, Somerset cream tea had to be done!

Jenny Browning 14.04.2016

Just got back from a fantastic week at One World Summer Festival spending time with amazing people and doing some very exciting stuff; top lights were Carol and the singing, Russel and Tai Chi – brilliant ! And Craig with the African Drums – I have a split index finger and other hands scars to prove how much I enjoyed the drumming. Definitely on for next camp

Jan Cook 14.04.2016

THANK YOU for everything, I had an amazing time, looking forward fot the winter warming, see you there ! :D

Hellow Groseille 14.04.2016

Thank you everybody for making One World so special. A big Thanks to all the hard working organisers and volunteers. Lovely to see Geoff Napier (Cygnus) after what must have been a difficult year for him: Ann would be so proud. See you all next year. X

Gill Black 14.04.2016

Had such a fantastic week ! Enjoyed so many wonderful workshops. Thank you everyone who came to the Life Drawing workshops and the models! Such beautiful people

Emily Rose 14.04.2016

Last night was fantastic outing for us as a trio. A beautiful responsive crowd who danced, let loose and made it a night to remember. I feel proud and lucky to be playing my songs alongside two incredible musicians! One World festival you were AMAZING!! Thank you for having us.

Daniel Billing Music 14.04.2016

Phenomenal week, wonderful to see and much love to Mo Levy, Zoe Neth-Fera, Jonny Juicy-Whiting, Bonce and Millie Forrest, Kasia Beszterda, Olivier White, Chestnut Lear, Nina Truman Therapixie ...

Joshua 14.04.2016

wonderful time at One World. So much to keep with me in my heart until next year

Clare Wassermann 14.04.2016

Ok friends ... I am back in London and my heart feels pretty heavy right now.. I am really sad to leave the happiness of One World and the green space of Somerset behind and I can feel myself kicking and screaming inside to be back in this city... My kids are leaving for the US today and I won’t see them again until September... After such an intense and gorgeous time together, I am going to really miss them... “ And “Beaming with my One World certificate last night :D :D .. so grateful for this fab festival, which has been a space for growth, healing, creative expression & connection for me & my children for 8 years now... gratitude <3 <3

Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi 14.04.2016

In love & deep gratitude to all the beautiful participants of One World x Thank you for being one with me, on our peaceful journey, joining & remembering our one immortal Self. One World, one heart, one love, one Spirit ....

Bear Love 14.04.2016

We just wanted to say thank you for having us last week – We had a lovely time and met so many lovely people ? Please keep us posted for next year! Kind regards

Anne and Ric 14.04.2016

To all the team of One World, a really big thank you for another wonderful time sharing and receiving and now reflecting. Leaving last night we did not manage to say all the goodbyes and thank you’s we wanted to ! With gratitude and all our good wishes

Barbara and Katie Lander 14.04.2016

Just got back from One World Festival. Had a great tine, wonderful singing with the incredible Carol Donaldson. She has an amazing song telling the story of the Suffragettes. It got fantastic applause when we sang it at the Cabaret last night. Really missing the fun and activity we shared for the week, but good to be home with Heidi and she was overjoyed to see me.

Ann Canfer 14.04.2016
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