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Bear Love
14 April 2016

In love & deep gratitude to all the beautiful participants of One World x Thank you for being one with me, on our peaceful journey, joining & remembering our one immortal Self. One World, one heart, one love, one Spirit ....

Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi
14 April 2016

Ok friends ... I am back in London and my heart feels pretty heavy right now.. I am really sad to leave the happiness of One World and the green space of Somerset behind and I can feel myself kicking and screaming inside to be back in this city... My kids are leaving for the US today and I won’t see them again until September... After such an intense and gorgeous time together, I am going to really miss them... “ And “Beaming with my One World certificate last night :D :D .. so grateful for this fab festival, which has been a space for growth, healing, creative expression & connection for me & my children for 8 years now... gratitude <3 <3

Clare Wassermann
14 April 2016

wonderful time at One World. So much to keep with me in my heart until next year

14 April 2016

Phenomenal week, wonderful to see and much love to Mo Levy, Zoe Neth-Fera, Jonny Juicy-Whiting, Bonce and Millie Forrest, Kasia Beszterda, Olivier White, Chestnut Lear, Nina Truman Therapixie ...

Daniel Billing Music
14 April 2016

Last night was fantastic outing for us as a trio. A beautiful responsive crowd who danced, let loose and made it a night to remember. I feel proud and lucky to be playing my songs alongside two incredible musicians! One World festival you were AMAZING!! Thank you for having us.