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Marc López
9 February 2017

One World is an amazing experience. You'll know people from all over the world and have a lot of fun. Volunteering is a grateful experience. I did kitchen work. It's hardworking but it's also very worth it

Ann Canfer
14 April 2016

Just got back from One World Festival. Had a great tine, wonderful singing with the incredible Carol Donaldson. She has an amazing song telling the story of the Suffragettes. It got fantastic applause when we sang it at the Cabaret last night. Really missing the fun and activity we shared for the week, but good to be home with Heidi and she was overjoyed to see me.

Barbara and Katie Lander
14 April 2016

To all the team of One World, a really big thank you for another wonderful time sharing and receiving and now reflecting. Leaving last night we did not manage to say all the goodbyes and thank you’s we wanted to ! With gratitude and all our good wishes

Anne and Ric
14 April 2016

We just wanted to say thank you for having us last week – We had a lovely time and met so many lovely people ? Please keep us posted for next year! Kind regards

Bear Love
14 April 2016

In love & deep gratitude to all the beautiful participants of One World x Thank you for being one with me, on our peaceful journey, joining & remembering our one immortal Self. One World, one heart, one love, one Spirit ....