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The One World Health and Wellbeing Festival is organised by the One World Health Foundation CIC (Community Interest Company). This is a non-profit organisation run by a small professional management and supported by a large number of volunteers from the UK and all over the world. If you wish to be part of our wellbeing team, please contact us.

My OneWorld experience is as holistic as the Macrobiotic diet itself… I was first invited by Maria to be part of the office team back in 2011. By then, I was new to the country and to macrobiotics. I was preparing myself to start my studies in environmental management and before starting my course I had the pleasure of living in Oshawa house while working for the festival for over 9 months. During that time I learned eating and reading life experiences in a whole new and holistic way.I will always remember when Maria gave me a Yin and Yang and Macrobiotics philosophy book to read.  It was a milestone that helped me to understand more about life balance and how to apply that into food and day-to-day experiences.The festival that year was so lively and full of many different and interesting people and workshops. For me this was a great path that helped me to reach a great level of personal wellbeing.Since then I have been always in touch with Maria and Oneworld but due to personal and professional challenges I haven’t have the chance of being directly involve with the festivals. This year I have decided to take a step in and help the office team in the organisation of the 2017 Festival. The positivity and good energy of this year’s team is really contagious and motivating. I am very much enjoying the experience of coming back to help the Oneworld Team in making the 2017 Festival as welcoming and enjoyable experience for all the participants. - Angelo (Office Operations)

The universe aligned me with the One World festival in 2016, as I was heading back through Birmingham City centre after an evening at the local educational learning centre, I heard a man speaking on a mega phone it was here where I met the Social experimentalist, whose real name is Danny Shine. Danny was standing at the doors of a Burger King Restaurant on Corporation Street, educating all who stood before him about the danger of the ingredients that was put into the foods they chose to eat. After his very engaging public theatre I managed to introduce myself and Danny was happy to share his You tube name ‘Social Experimentalist’ which I researched back home and this is where I managed to come across the connection he had with One World and the amazing tasty foods that he very much enjoys.I attended as a volunteer in the kitchen in 2016 and what a fantastic time we had! I met so many beautiful people from all around the world and was invited back by Maria & Joao to help in organising this year’s 2017 One World Festival in Brighton. I am enthused and humble to be a part of the team. We hope to grow the festival even bigger as we look forward and build momentum in the office with many positive plans. - Luke (Office)

One World began when I met Joao. I was part of a small group of macrobiotic students, who decided to get out of London and Camp, cooking for each other and walking in the English countryside.When our studies finished we kept in touch by meeting once a year and would camp out together, walking, and cooking talking, etc 
As we began to have children, we needed places with more facilities so we began to meet in youth hostels. Each year every aspect became more organised. Me and Joao went together to a camp in 1995, at end of the 4days someone said ‘who would like to organise the next gathering next year’ so myself and Joao put our self forward, the rest is history! Thinking we would have everyone helping us, this was not the case, it was up to us, totally.Joao did this for a few years and they grew bigger and bigger so we looked for a bigger venue. Joao found a school in Sibford, Oxfordshire and we went from One hundred people to 350. Since this time we have been mostly at schools because of their wonderful facilities and delightful grounds.
- Maria Gillot (Founder of One World Summer Festival)