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Set in the beautiful Portuguese countryside, this years One World Festival is a truly magical, life changing event. We invite you to come together with amazing new people from all over the world to share a week in a unique atmosphere of rest, activity, fun, freedom, challenge and adventure. A unique opportunity for healing, inner transformation and a clarity of who you are in mind body and spirit.

At One World we present a unique selection of workshops and lectures throughout the week. An expanse of knowledge and a space of exchange, learning, wonderment, happiness, creativity and joy. You get to choose your own schedule from an extensive range of activities from 7am to midnight. Choose to heal, be healed, paint, listen and learn, simply rest or go for a walk. In the evenings, why not relax by the campfire, dance, sing or have a chat and a cuppa.

Our teachers are dedicated and experienced in many therapies for physical and spiritual development, holistic health, arts, crafts and sports as well as specialist areas such as natural cookery. Each day we serve nutrient dense meals made from the highest quality macrobiotic foods, organic wherever possible and beautifully prepared. (Talk to us about any food intolerances) Or, you can choose our non catered option.  Camp, glamp or sleep indoors in a variety of accommodations that includes ensuite.

With all these choices, One World gives you the chance to really relax into a natural lifestyle in your own way. Whether you are coming “solo”, in a group or family, and whatever age you are, this event will have something for you.